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Straw Mulch


    Lawn Mulch provides needed insulation for germinating seeds.  In nature, the stalks of grass containing seed heads dry up and fall to the ground with the seed.  These dead stalks are very important for successful germination of the seeds as they retain much needed moisture while maintaining temperature.   As the microbes in the soil decompose the stalks, they fertilize the soil with nitrogen and other minerals.

   Our  Lawn Mulch is made from the leftover stalks of straw when the grass seeds are harvested.  When the mulch is applied over newly seeded ground, it acts just as the dead stalks of grass do in nature when they fall to the ground and decompose, as well as protecting the seeds from erosion.  The seeds, therefore, have a greater success rate germinating and they are quicker to germinate so establishment time is lessened.


$15.00  50lbs bale

Covers appox 600 Sq ft